Animal Safety Education

As an organization who rescues both cats and dogs, it is important for us to teach young children and adults the importance of compassion for animals and improve animal safety education. Indeed, all animals deserve our kindness and compassion. Cats and dogs are companion animals and as such they rely on us for their well being. We need to remind each other that we are the voice for these animals, and that our words have power. One way to achieve that is through animal safety education.

School & Group Presentations

Friends for Life has a dedicated team of volunteers who do presentations to schools and groups regarding animal safety, spay and neuter, and a variety of other topics. We respectfully request that a minimum two-week notice be given for tour requests, and preferably a 30-day time frame. We will make every effort to grant every tour request, but we are all volunteers and there might be times when we do not have volunteer staff available for the day/time you request!

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in a group presentation and/or a tour of our adoption center, please email for more information. Together we can make a difference to our furry friends!