Volunteer in Gilbert

Volunteer with dogWant to be a volunteer helping animals? Are you looking for volunteer opportunities in Gilbert? Interested in fostering dogs or cats? If you are over the age of 18, please fill out this online form. We will contact you shortly regarding our next new volunteer orientation. If you have specific questions about our volunteer program, please email: volunteer@azfriends.org.

We are not accepting applications for junior volunteers under the age of 18.

Volunteer Orientation

Orientation is by invitation only and seating is limited due to space. Please ask any interested friends and family to submit an application and wait for an invitation.  Due to an overwhelming response, we have limited volunteer positions available.

Positions in greatest need are: dog/cat caregivers, dog/cat adoption counselors, and foster homes. All applications will be considered but those with interest in our most-needed areas will be prioritized.

Volunteer Requirements

Our volunteer program includes the following requirements:

  • 18 years or older
  • Volunteers attend training as necessary depending on their position
  • Commitment to serve a minimum of four hours per month in one or more of the following roles:

Dog and Cat Adoption Counselors  are responsible for giving tours to families, reviewing adoption applications, and working with families to find the right match between a dog/cat and it’s adoptive home, and counseling families on potential good or not so good matches.  Additional duties include answering the phone during adoption hours and dealing with the general public (if a phone volunteer is not available).  Must have excellent customer service and communication skills, specifically interpersonal communication skills.  Enjoy dealing with the general public.  Knowledge of dog or cat behavior is helpful but not required.

Cleaning dog kennels and runs, feeding and giving water to the dogs, cleaning dog play pool, laundry (bedding, etc.), yard and “poop” duty.  Fun stuff includes one-on-one time with the most awesome dogs in the east valley, walks (when it’s not super hot), and free doggie facials. Should be able to handle larger (40 – 120 lbs.) dogs but not required. Must be willing to work a shift on a regular basis.  General dog behavior knowledge is helpful but not required. Must be able to read and follow general directions and protocols for caregiving. It’s a role that requires some work but is highly rewarding – our dogs need to be fed, cared for and loved every day!

Cleaning of individual rooms, feeding and giving water to the cats, laundry (bedding, etc.), and “litterbox poop duty”.  Bonus includes being the recipient of kitties making biscuits, and soft loving purrs as a result of your presence. Must be willing to work a shift on a regular basis.  General cat behavior knowledge is helpful.  Must be able to read and follow general directions.

Education Team Members assist with the development and/or presentation of humane education programs for the public and/or internal education programs for Friends for Life volunteers.  Qualifications vary depending on the duties the volunteer chooses to perform.  This team helps us educate the next generation!

Team members participate in planning meetings throughout the year.  Fundraising Team needs volunteers who can come up with ideas for new and exciting fundraising events, and also team members who can help put those ideas into action.  The Fundraising Team is a great role for those volunteers who wish to not be onsite with the dogs or cats!

Foster homes are responsible for caring for our dogs or cats that cannot stay at the shelter due to age, medical concerns or just need a break from the hustle and bustle. The more foster homes we have, the more dogs and cats we can help in our community! This is one of the most rewarding things you can do because you really get to know the animals and can help us gather information to find their fur-ever home. You will need to be able to get them to any vet appointments and possibly bring them to the shelter during Saturday business hours once they are available for adoption.